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[VIDEO] Coty Shannon Scores an Omo-Peruvian-Necktwister, Retroactively Wins 2012 Potato Award for Greatest Submission

Here at CagePotato, we make mistakes. Frequently. Perhaps more Continuously than not.

Case In Point: Remaining year, we declared Wolfgang Janssen’s flying reverse triangle to be the best submission of 2012 at the 2012 Potato Awards. We comp’d a limosine and hotel room for Janssen so he can be current on the ceremony, we bestowed him with a Golden Potato, the very best recognized award in MMA. Hell, we even picked up the tab for the high class Vietnamese prostitute that Danga insisted Wolfgang “try out.” Weird guy, that Danga.

Lengthy story brief, it appears that we would possibly have made a mistake in bestowing Janssen with the aforementioned award. While there’s no denying how unbelievable his submission used to be, the video above, which was recorded in June of 2012 however has best just lately gone viral, options an arguably more spectacular one. Who’re we kidding? It’s one of the most technically improbable submissions we’ve ever seen — some bastard offspring of a Omoplata, Twister, Rear Naked Choke and Peruvian Necktie that merely needs to be viewed to be believed.

After a back and forth battle, Wheeler is taken down via Brian Borden midway in the course of the 2d spherical (around the Four:20 mark). He speedy locks up an omoplata, but quite than use it to set up a standard sweep, Wheeler simply form of grabs Borden across the neck with his forearms and starts cranking. Too busy trying to defend the omoplata, Borden is left hung out to dry and goes limp nearly right away.

While Most Likely a extra competent referee would have seen that Borden used to be out for a excellent six seconds ahead of this one did, we’re going to suppose that on this case, the 1/3 man in the cage used to be too busy trying to be mindful what the hell he was once witnessing, hence his delayed reaction. It’s now not a super excuse, but when a veteran UFC professional like Steve Mazzagatti still can’t acknowledge a guillotine choke except one fighter is standing over the other’s useless body, we guess individuals are entitled to the occasional screw up.

So congratulations, Coty, your retroactive award for the greatest submission of 2012 is in the mail, along with a complimentary CP t-shirt. Let Us Know when you receive them!

-J. Jones

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