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Nick Diaz is Treating His Retirement Like a Bargaining Tool, But Should We Care Anymore?

(A loaded bowl, nunchucks, and a ball on a string. In Stockton, this is the way you go gently into that just right night.)?

I just can’t anymore with Nick Diaz, you guys. I simply can’t.

Past lately, Diaz’s (seemingly overpaid) legal professional, Jonathan Tweedale, told MMAMania the next:

At The Moment Nick is retired, except he will get rematch with?Georges St. Pierre?or the big?Anderson Silva?combat. It Appears, if he doesn’t get these, he’s going to remain retired.

As a longtime fan of Diaz (his fighting fashion, at the least), this “news” did not come as a shock to me, But was once?disappointing?to listen to on the other hand. No Longer as a result of it way we gained’t be seeing Diaz within the octagon anytime quickly, But as a result of this “I gained’t play unless you go me the ball,” retirement-as-a-bargaining-Instrument?mentality represents the straw that has ultimately broke this camel’s again.

Look, I might set aside Diaz’s obtrusive mental?deficiencies?and overall jackassery again when he used to be laying waste to the Strikeforce welterweight division (or kicking Frank Shamrock’s assparticularly when he was kicking Frank Shamrock’s ass). When Diaz returned to the UFC after a 5 yr absence, I was normally excited that we would have a new player at A Hundred And Seventy lbs.?Hell, when Diaz screwed himself out of a shot?at St. Pierre, then dropped his next combat to Carlos Condit, then tested sure for marijuana metabolites and therefore “retired” for the first time, I was still keen to hold onto the hope that Diaz vs. GSP would turn out to be a reality simply so we could at last put all the debate to leisure.

But then, it did happen, and let’s be honest, Diaz choked. Which You Can say no matter you need about GSP deceiving us along with his threats to unleash his “dark side” on Diaz, But on the finish of the day, it used to be Diaz’s struggle to win. He was once the one who referred to as GSP out, who needled and prodded the champ through no matter media outlet he could right through his suspension, who chased Georges around a lodge?in 2011 to pick a combat. He needed this combat, he wished it bad,?and he even leapfrogged exact contenders in an effort to get it.?Alternatively, at?UFC 158,?Long Past had been the crisp boxing combinations that noticed Diaz physically break the likes of Penn, Shamrock,?Paul Daley, and?Ok.J. Noons?to call a few. Long Gone was his a lot mentioned grappling sport, his relentless aggression, and so forth. Diaz brought little more than apathy and?listlessness?to his shot at glory, and when it was in all places, all he was once left with had been excuses. Bad,?damn-close to incomprehensible excuses.

It was at this point — ?at least in my thoughts — that the mysterious, “interesting” (as Dana White put it) facade that used to be Nick Diaz started out to fade away, leaving behind a person who was once more content to submit conspiracy theories about “Canadian loopholes” than?well known?The Truth That he (or most likely Cesar Gracie) is his personal worst enemy.

And it’s a shame, because given the right coaching camp and a unique mentality, Nick Diaz might be a champion. The Problem is, I don’t think he in point of fact desires to be one. And essentially the most frustrating thing of all is that nowadays, Diaz doesn’t appear to be he even?wants to earn the right to struggle a champion — as if he Should be able to combat whoever he chooses in response to his credibility on my own — therefore his current hostage treatment of his own retirement. Diaz used to be given his shot at GSP, he choked, and of the over a million individuals who sold the first combat, How Many of you can throw down another 50 dollars for the second? The Identical goes for a Diaz/Silva battle, which would handiest additional our theory that opponents who unretire regularly look like a shell of their former selves upon doing so.

At just 29 years previous, Diaz has already proven as so much as he can in the activity of MMA — given his current “exception to the rule of thumb” perspective, at least. The Truth That he’ll by no means develop into a UFC champion Will Have To No Longer detract from what has been an extremely entertaining, if regularly despairing?occupation for the Stocktonian. But When Nick is just not going to get in line like everyone else and struggle his manner again to the top, then most likely it’s time that he call it quits.

In Short, the anti-bullshit superhero?has speedy change into its best?villain. Or the bullshit superhero; your option. In either case, I’ve officially stopped caring. How Many of you’re in The Identical boat, Potato Nation?

-J. Jones

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